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Auto Accident Chiropractor in Marietta GA

Personal Injury and Auto Injury Chiropractor in Marietta GA

Dr. John Schad is an auto injury chiropractor in Marietta who has many years of clinical experience working with thousands of patients involved in spinal trauma and extremity injuries from auto and other accidents. Detecting and documenting evidence of soft tissue injury, embarrassed motoricity, and bio-mechanical impropriety are the essence of our success and reputation. The focus of the clinical, as well as, the clerical staff is to fully communicate medical findings and the treatment regimen to the patient and their legal counsel. 

Our office is thoroughly equipped with the typically prescribed physio-therapy modalities including state of the art Interferential/electric stiumlation machines, Ultrasound, Intersegmental traction units, hydrocollators, cryotherapy, as well as, active therapy exercise equipment, therabands, weights, Bosu balls, and exercise balls for stabilization and balance for proprioception. Our office also utilizes X-ray equipment.




PersImage of man grasping neck in pain needing auto accident chiroprator

Personal and Auto Injury Chiropractor Reports 

The doctor and staff understand the importance of timely and accurate reporting. We guarantee reports within three (3) working days of the written request. If progress notes or radiological reports are requested, they can be sent immediately by email or fax. Our communication lines with the patient and attorney are unparalleled in this area as patient change in progress or missed appointments are immediately recorded. Any patient non-compliance is timely directed to counsel's office for follow-up. Our desire is to have a unified consistent patient treatment plan prescribed by the doctor and also accepted by the patient and the attorney leading to a beneficial healing and legal resolution in a timely manner.


Personal Injury Auto Accident Chiropract

Specialized Referral

Diagnostics (MRI, CT Scan, EMG, etc.) can also be a valuable tool in the management of the trauma cases. Our office has experience with other allied professionals for proper referrals or direction to specialists for these services or care whom will also treat with a lien.


The office will accept personal injury cases on an assignment basis with a lien from the attorney.


Expert Testimony

The doctor is always available at reasonable times for depositions at a nominal fee.

Image of Auto Accident Chiropractor Dr. John Schad of Marietta GA

Dr. John Schad, BBA, DC | Chiropractor in Marietta GA


Dr. John works extensively with athletes from Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, University of Florida, Walton High School, Pope High School, Lassiter High School and others. He is a native of East Cobb, graduating from Lassiter High School. Dr. John received his BBA from Georgia Southern University in 1992 and is a 1996 graduate of Life University. He resides in East Cobb with his wife Holly and three children. He is actively involved in Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, The Rotary Club of East Cobb, Walton High School Football, and East Cobb Baseball.

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