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Our Office Team


Sam Burghart

Front Desk


Debbie Presley 

Billing Manager


Erin Hotchkiss


Sam has been working in the chiropractic field since 2004, specializing as an administrative assistant. Along with managing a chiropractic office for five years, Sam has extensive experience in sales and distribution of the Standard Process nutritional line, and has been personally utilizing their supplements since 2004. Sam has been with Johnson Ferry Chiropractic Center since 2009.

Debbie has been working in chiropractic since 1986 in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has been personally utilizing the Standard Process nutritional line since 1990. She was licensed as a massage therapist and licensed in Myo testing equipment and therapy and was certified as an X-ray technician. She later returned to college to study computers and continued education in EZ-Bis Software Program. Debbie handled the building up of a Personal Injury Practice for a New Orleans based chiropractor and studied medical insurance paybacks and contracts extensively. With 16 years at Johnson Ferry Chiropractic and a total of 29 years’ experience in chiropractic, insurance, and in the network contracting field, Debbie brings to the table knowledge, experience and compassion for the patient.

Erin started receiving chiropractic care at age 18. She has been working in the chiropractic field since 1998. After working for four separate chiropractors, Erin has learned about many different techniques and gained extensive knowledge of therapy and rehabilitative treatments. She has received hands-on training in physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises. Erin was previously employed at Johnson Ferry Chiropractic Center from 1998 to 2000 but left to move out of state. She is very excited to now rejoin the team.

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