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3 Tips from a Chiropractor to Stay Pain Free

People spend more time sitting than they ever have before. Working at desks, sitting in front of computer screens and watching TV for many hours has become the norm. If you frequently have trouble with back, neck or hip pain and stiffness, chiropractic adjustment can help. Chiropractic treatment in Marietta can relieve a variety of musculoskeletal problems, but you should also ensure that your daily activities include measures that help to keep you pain-free and functioning well. Here are 3 tips to help you maintain comfort and free movement.

Stretch Regularly Throughout the Day

Man stretching to treat muscle pain in Marietta GA
Stretching throughout the day is a great way to reduce pain and stiffness.

Simple stretches help to lengthen your muscles, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. And you can do some stretches anywhere. Even at your desk, you can push out from the desk surface and bend forward, reaching your hands toward the floor. Get up and curve your spine backward a little to undo the effects of sitting in the same position. Lift your arms over your head and reach toward the ceiling, holding the stretch for a few seconds. These actions help to move the blood through your body and improve your comfort level during the day.

Don’t Ignore Small Injuries & Aches

It’s common for people to experience an occasional back pain or discomfort in their joints and take a few pain relievers. They then forget about the problem, until it becomes a frequent, or even chronic, discomfort. Those small aches and pains can signal inflammation or dysfunction in the body that will not resolve on its own. If you take action, you can avoid worsening problems. Visit your chiropractor for a thorough assessment and chiropractic adjustment, to ensure that you avoid chronic pain conditions.

Get Up and Move Around

Be aware of the amount of time you stay seated, and take advantage of every opportunity to move your body. Schedule frequent breaks at work to get out of your chair. Instead of emailing a colleague, go to their desk. Go the water cooler for a cool drink. Take a short walk outside during your lunch break. Park a little further away from the building, to allow yourself to stretch your legs. When at home, pause the TV and do a few chores that make you move around. These small changes, done daily, can make a big difference in your muscle tone and joint function.

Everyday aches and pains can be managed effectively with a little TLC that you can incorporate into your daily schedule. Listening to your body and getting early chiropractic treatment are the most essential measures you can take to minimize common musculoskeletal problems. If you make a habit of incorporating physical care into your daily life, you will experience greater comfort and ease of motion.

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