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Auto Accident Chiropractor can Save You Years of Pain

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Car accidents are an unfortunate aspect of modern life, causing significant damage and injury to life and property. And while some people walk away unscathed from car accidents, more often than not there is some injury associated. And sometimes these injuries may be so subtle that you do not know they are there until days, perhaps weeks later. This is why it is always a good idea to get medical attention after a care accident and seek specialists like a car accident chiropractor in Marietta Ga to help treat and heal your personal injury. Here is a realistic look at what might happen and some reasons why an auto accident chiropractor could be your best avenue of treatment.

Don't Ignore the Invisible Problems

Visible injuries, such as broken ones, are easy to diagnose and treat, but what about the temporarily invisible ones? Because of adrenaline and endorphins, the human body may have an increase in energy levels due to a car accident, which covers up soft tissue damage that might have occurred. One example of this is the delayed symptoms of whiplash. Did you know that if you suffer whiplash, the symptoms may take hours or days to show? Symptoms of whiplash need immediate treatment. Unfortunately, many people don't seek treatment for injuries if they can't see or feel them, which could lead to long-term, unbearable pain.

Man grabs neck in pain after car accident, Marietta GA

Whiplash Symptoms

• Headache • Dizziness • Soreness • Upper back pain • Neck pain

Auto Injury Chiropractor can Keep Pain from Becoming Chronic

Minor car accident. Major pain. Long after the incident, those involved could still suffer if they didn't seek treatment soon enough. Continuing to use whiplash as an example, imagine feeling fine in the moments after the crash, but feeling worse and worse in the days and weeks that follow. Whiplash is the type of injury best dealt with early on, meaning you can't wait until you feel pain to seek help. Whiplash symptoms often last for years without proper medical care. It becomes a chronic condition that affects suffers physically and emotionally. This is why it is so important to consult a chiropractor after a car accident. An auto injury chiropractor can help alleviate the acute symptoms of whiplash and other car accident injuries and prevent these seemingly minor aches and pains from developing into chronic life long issues.

Drug Free Pain Treatment

Women with neck injury due to car accident, Marietta GA

Chiropractic care is great for treating pain, and practitioners do it without drugs. Some health care professionals prescribe or recommend pain medication to people after car accidents because that's the norm. People expect that course of treatment, and they willingly accept it because they want to feel better. Truthfully, those medicines often do help relieve the pain, but they are a short-term solution. Treating the pain is not the same as treating the problem. Drugs mask symptoms, but they can't heal damage. Another problem is that some pain relief drugs are addictive. With a personal injury chiropractor, you get pain relief without medication or addictive drugs. You get a health care professional who addresses your problem at the source and works to heal the injury.

Treatment includes chiropractic adjustments, which are proven pain reducers. During adjustments, spinal manipulations prompt the release of pain-reducing hormones. These hormones go to the injured area and other places throughout the body that are experiencing pain, and they help those areas fell less painful. Other treatments that complement chiropractic care are massage therapy and physiotherapy modalities that help to relive pain and promote blood flow and healing.

Say No to Inflammation and Yes to Better Movement

Injuries often include micro-tears in ligaments and muscles. Unfortunately, if you have an X-ray of the injured area, those tears won't show up. The scan looks fine, and you think you're okay. Later on, when you experience severe pain, you wonder why. The answer is the micro-tears and inflammation around them. Going back for another X-ray won't reveal anything new, but going to a chiropractor to get spinal manipulation can realign your spinal cord. Spinal manipulations releases an anti-inflammatory to combat and reduce inflammation and pain in your body.

Inflammation can be an even bigger issue if your injury involves your neck or back. Blood and nutrients can't get to needed areas because of the inflammation, and this slows the healing process. With a chiropractic adjustment after a car accident, the healing process actually goes faster. This is because the adjustment mobilizes your spine and restores your range of motion, and that allows the body to naturally heal.

Avoid Scarring

Another problem successfully tackled with the help of a personal injury chiropractor is scar tissue. Even after an injury successfully heals, scar tissue may develop on your muscles. Scar tissue causes you to feel stiff and uncomfortable. While there is a chance this issue could heal on its own, your chiropractor can offer more success. The doctor will specifically target these damaged areas to break up scar tissue, which helps the patient heal properly and feel better faster.

Go the traditional route after car accident injuries, and you could receive treatment that includes an incision. Another route to an invasive procedure is to wait too long after an injury to have it diagnosed and treated. A better option is to seek a car accident chiropractor consultation immediately, even when the injury is minor or you don't know if you have any injuries at all. Treat surgery as a last resort after you have exhausted all other options. One great preemptive option is chiropractic care. Non-invasive chiropractic adjustments in Marietta help by realigning your spine and joints. This significantly reduces pain and promotes healing without surgery.

Better Chances of a Successful Compensation Claim with a Car Accident Chiropractor

If your car accident injuries are someone else's fault, that person's insurance company should pay your medical bills. Unfortunately, waiting to seek medical treatment increases the chances your claim against the insurer is denied. Get treatment right away, preferably with a car accident chiropractor. This improves your chances of receiving just compensation. Also, keep in mind that sometimes there are time limits on how long you have to file claims. Our office is happy to provide the documentation you need to help get medical bills claims covered.

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