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What to Expect at Your First Chiropractic Adjustment in Marietta

An adjustment is a chiropractic procedure used to manipulate a person's spine. The practitioner or chiropractor performs the procedure using his or her hands or sometimes a small tool. During the adjustment procedure, the chiropractor applies a sudden and forceful pressure to the spine or to a joint. Adjustments are used as therapy to rehab a patient's body by improving motion and physical function.

What to Expect at Your First Visit to Chiropractor

Woman receiving chiropractic care in Marietta GA

At your first visit, the chiropractor will get information regarding your health history and the reason for your visit. For instance, some people seek chiropractic care after a traumatic accident, such as a car crash or a fall. Others come for treatment for back pain, headache or neck pain.

After the chiropractor gathers a summary of your health history, you will be given a physical exam. You may also need x-rays depending on your specific health concerns. After the chiropractor has assessed you, he or she will discuss a treatment plan for your particular condition. You may need weekly chiropractic adjustments during your first few months. As you pain improves, you may need only bi-weekly or monthly therapy sessions.

What to Expect During the First Adjustment

You don't typically need to do anything special for your chiropractic adjustment in Marietta. You can eat and drink as usual beforehand.

You will lie down on your stomach on a flat surface for the treatment. The flat surface is usually a specially-designed chiropractic table with lifts that can raise and lower certain parts of your body. If the chiropractor needs you to lie in a specific position, you will be instructed to do so. If you are sore or sensitive in certain areas, speak with your chiropractor beforehand.

The chiropractor will apply a sudden pressure to your joint, forcing it out of its typical range of motion. This pressure may be applied to the back or the neck, depending on your medical condition. The applied pressure will usually create a cracking sound or a popping sound as your joint moves. This is completely normal and safe.

Health Risks

In most cases, patients do not experience any serious complications after chiropractic adjustment. However, it is normal to experience some minor effects from adjustments. For instance, you may notice soreness in the parts of your body that were treated by the chiropractor. Some patients also complain of tension headaches after adjustments.

The therapy usually requires the patient to have a back adjustment more than once. You may be placed on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule. However, if the treatment is working for you, you should see a difference in your pain level and range of motion within the first few weeks.

Most health insurance covers a few chiropractic visits per year, though this varies depending on the insurance plan. Chiropractic care can be used in combination with physical therapy to treat pain so that a patient doesn't become reliant on drugs. If you think you need a back adjustment, contact a chiropractor in East Cobb for a Chiropractic Consultation.

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