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Shoulder Pain Treatment in Marietta GA

Shoulder pain is common reason people seek pain relief therapies. Shoulder pain can limit movement and reduce quality of life. Shoulder pain is most often caused by strain and is noticed when trying to lift or rotate the arms. We use our shoulders and shoulder muscles a lot more than we think in our daily lives. And we usually don't realize how much until shoulder pain significantly impairs activities that we enjoy. If left untreated, shoulder pain can become chronic and lasting. Fortunately, a chiropractor in Marietta can treat the pain and underlying cause of shoulder pain. 

Common Shoulder Pain Causes


Shoulder pain can by a number of issues both minor and severe.


Minor issues that cause shoulder pain include overexertion
and pulling a shoulder muscle to sleeping on it incorrectly.


More severe issues that cause shoulder pain include torn rotator cuff, cartilage or arthritis.


Another cause of shoulder pain is frozen shoulder, which can be caused by long periods of inactivity due to other conditions. In all cased of shoulder pain, it is important to get it checked out by a chiropractor in Marietta/ East Cobb who will do a thorough workup including x-rays to determine the cause and develop a treatment plan that fits your injury or issues. 

Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain in Marietta Ga

If you are suffering from shoulder pain, it is important to get it treated before it becomes more chronic and severe. Many people just try to cover up the pain with over the counter medications or even rush into surgery before trying drug free methods. Chiropractic care is a drug and surgery free treatment for shoulder pain that get you back to normal mobility and better quality of life.  

The doctors and staff at Johnson Ferry Chiropractic East Cobb has extensive experience helping patients with shoulder pain to get back to their lives pain free without drugs or the need for risky surgery. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Marietta East Cobb Chiropractor Shoulder
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